Consumer confidence; 1972-2016
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Consumer confidenceOriginal seriesSubquestions: consumer confidenceFinancial situation last 12 monthsAv. pos.minus neg.resp. as % of total-9-6-4-8-6
Financial situation next 12 months-42222
Consumers' attitudes and expectationsFinancial situation last 12 monthsTotal financial sit. last 12 months%100100100100100
Clearly improved77767
Slightly improved1110101211
Remained the same5459615659
Slightly deteriorated1512121513
Clearly deteriorated121191010
Do not know11111
Financial situation next 12 monthsTotal financial sit. next 12 months100100100100100
Clearly improve54354
Slightly improve1011111011
Remain the same6266696767
Slightly deteriorate128898
Clearly deteriorate65444
Do not know56556
Financial situation own householdTotal financial situation own household100100100100100
Having to make debts21111
Having to use savings44343
Can get by4142404141
Has a little to spare3837393838
Has a lot to spare1414151414
Do not know22222
Put aside money next 12 monthsTotal put aside money next 12 months100100100100100
Probably not986108
Certainly not2122212121
Do not know45334
Useful to save moneyTotal useful to save money100100100100100
Probably not1011999
Certainly not3031272828
Do not know44333
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