Vacancies; seasonally adjusted
SubjectsChange table set-up. Move the item in the direction of the arrow.Change table set-up. Move item to rows.Vacancies seasonally adjusted
PeriodsChange table set-up. Move the item in the direction of the arrow.Change table set-up. Move item to rows.2015 4th quarter2016 1st quarter2016 2nd quarter2016 3rd quarter2016 4th quarter2017 1st quarter*2017 2nd quarter*2017 3rd quarter*2017 4th quarter*
SIC 2008, private firms, governmentChange table set-up. Move item to columns.x 1 000
A-U All economic activities142.7149.5154.8162.0171.2184.3204.4213.5227.0
A Agriculture, forestry and fishing1.
B-F Industry and energy19.219.720.521.923.726.228.831.736.2
G-N Commercial services90.492.695.598.4102.5110.8124.5128.0135.6
M-N Business services27.027.627.727.428.029.232.634.737.3
O-U Noncommercial services32.136.137.940.643.845.949.752.253.4
C Manufacturing11.412.712.613.314.115.416.217.419.6
F Construction5.
G Wholesale and retail trade27.328.229.230.733.037.241.642.744.1
H Transportation and storage5.
I Accommodation and food serving11.512.012.914.414.815.518.618.318.4
J Information and communication11.712.112.011.511.813.113.813.215.5
K Financial institutions6.
L Renting, buying, selling real estate1.
M Other specialised business services16.716.816.816.516.817.819.120.022.0
N Renting and other business support10.310.810.910.811.211.413.514.815.3
O Public administration and services6.
P Education4.
Q Health and social work activities17.119.720.823.224.825.726.628.029.4
R Culture, sports and recreation1.
S Other service activities2.
Private firms131.4137.1141.7148.6156.4168.9187.6195.7209.3
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