Energy balance sheet; supply, transformation and consumption
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SubjectsChange table set-up. Move item to columns.Energy commoditiesChange table set-up. Move the item in the direction of the arrow.Change table set-up. Move item to rows.Total energy commoditiesTotal coal and coal productsPatent fuelLubricantsBitumenSolid and liquid biomassBiogas
Energy supplyTotal Primary Energy Supply (TPES)PJ3 159.3383.0 4.9-3.967.913.5
Indigenous production1 761.6    128.413.5
Imports11 323.51 266.5 77.619.212.7 
Exports9 317.4859.4 
Net imports2 006.0407.0 12.0-4.0-55.0 
Bunkers629.30.0 4.7   
Stock change20.9-24.1 -2.00.0-5.0 
Statistical differences8.90.0    0.2
Total energy consumption3 150.4383.0 4.9-3.967.913.3
Energy transformationEnergy transformation inputTotal energy transformation input4 877.3464.7
Electricity and CHP transformation input1 003.9283.8   21.29.4
Other transformation input3 873.4180.9
Energy transformation outputTotal energy transformation output4 351.4111.9 3.39.1  
Electricity/CHP transformation output602.4      
Other transformation output3 749.0111.9 3.39.1  
Net energy transformationTotal net energy transformation525.9352.8 -1.6-9.039.612.5
Net electricity/CHP transformation401.5283.8   21.29.4
Net other transformation124.469.0 -1.6-
Energy sector own useTotal168.87.8  0.0  
Extraction of crude petroleum and gas33.7      
Coke-oven plants8.17.8     
Oil refineries122.0   0.0  
Total energy companies5.0      
Distribution losses23.3      
Total final consumption (TFC)Total final consumption2 432.422.4
Final energy consumptionTotal1 847.522.4   28.30.8
Industry (excluding the energy sector)Total554.522.3   4.40.5
Iron and steel40.218.0   ..
Chemical and petrochemical284.2    ..
Non-ferrous metals12.2    ..
Non-metallic minerals27.41.8   ..
Transport equipment4.5    ..
Machinery23.1    ..
Mining and quarrying5.30.2   ..
Food and tobacco87.11.5   ..
Paper, pulp and printing25.3    ..
Wood and wood products2.2    ..
Construction25.20.1   ..
Textile and leather4.1    ..
Non-specified13.70.7   ..
Domestic aviation0.4      
Road transport426.5      
Rail transport6.8      
Pipeline transport       
Domestic navigation12.7      
Other sectorsTotal846.70.1   23.90.3
Services, waste, water and repair284.30.1   1.30.3
Dwellings400.60.0   19.5 
Agriculture152.1    3.2 
Non-energy useTotal584.9  6.55.0  
Industry (excluding the energy sector)580.5  2.25.0  
Of which chemistry and pharmaceuticals571.9  0.0   
Transport2.8  2.8   
Other sectors1.6  1.5   
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