Consumer confidence; 1972-2016
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Willingness to buyOriginal seriesIndicator: willingness to buyAverage pos. minus neg. responses-1-2-1-3-2
Subquestions: willingness to buyRight time to make large purchasesAv. pos.minus neg.resp. as % of total888109
Consumers' attitudes and expectationsRight time to make large purchasesTotal right time to make large purchases%100100100100100
Right time2727272929
Not the right time4243424139
Wrong time2018191920
Do not know1112121112
Purchase consumer durables next yearTotal purchase cons. durables next year100100100100100
Much more33343
Slightly more67668
Same amount6563636463
Slightly less9121199
Much less1411131314
Do not know34443
Car purchase next 2 yearsTotal car purchase next 2 years100100100100100
Probably not1615141517
Certainly not6266656563
Do not know31222
Buy or build a house next 2 yearsTotal buy or build a house next 2 years100100100100100
Probably not54445
Certainly not8887888787
Do not know11111
House improvement or maintenanceTotal house improvement or maintenance100100100100100
Probably not66677
Certainly not6566656464
Do not know11111
Where to economise when income fallsNew categoriesTotal where to economise when inc. falls100100100100100
Food, beverages, tobacco91010109
Clothing and footwear78797
Car and transportation1112111013
Recreation and culture1817161215
Economise on all, will not economise1311131412
Do not know1514151615
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